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So things lately. Interesting. There are parts of my life that I absolutely love. Things that I'm working on and then there are things that are constantly cropping back up that need to be pulled, yanked, torn from my life. Certain people should probably be on that list too.

School is hectic as usual. Work is non-existent seeing as Darren encouraged me to quit my job two weeks ago. I'm in the transitional phase at the moment. Probably pick up another serving job, I miss it.

Moving into a house soon. I'm terribly excited about it. Its going to be cheap and save us money and we'll be away from the little Mexican babies that scream outside our apartment all the time.

Speaking of roommates, went with Rob "Orion the Belt" to the Maverick for karaoke last Saturday after he got out of tech for his show. A few of his friends joined us and we had a ball. Sang, or rather rapped Eminem's "Without Me", finding out whilst doing so that its very hard to breathe whilst rapping rapidly. Its always interesting to see the same people there all the time, singing the same songs you heard them sing last weekend, or a few weekends before that. There's a shit load of songs in that book people, find a new one. They're also doing Rent at the Maverick right now and I need to see it. Seeing FJC's this Friday, should be fun from what I've heard from cast members and crew alike. Plus Rob has a cameo, on top of all the ASM shit he has to do. Maybe I'll bring him flowers, it'll be a good laugh.

On a completely unrelated note, I've been feeling more and more like I need to start writing again. I haven't written anything in ages, and I think I want to go non-syfy this time. Try something new, or do something new with syfy that I haven't written before. I have a few ideas swimming around in my head at the moment, but I have some more thinking to do. Maybe some fanfiction will help. The new Morgan book is out and I really need to read it.

Now off to get Darren to work, me to the bookstore and then to Dr. Miller for a nice cup of tea.
17th-Dec-2009 04:59 pm - The Crazy. I've got it.
Made an appointment with a new psychologist today. I've been trying to deal with some issues on my own and the reefer isn't working. I'm looking forward to it, finally someone with a fish bowl perspective that will wait till I leave and am out of earshot to talk shit about me. With a plus side that he's been doing this for 26 years and graduated from UCLA. Double Win. Makes me think of the song from Next to Normal. I want a pyschopharmocologist too so I can sing about it.

I'm working on the coat from hell again. It really is from hell. Really. I still need to attach sleeves, do the lining, make button holes.... I have a week. No pressure.
GO - Hell
14th-Dec-2009 10:37 am - Sewing you to death
I have won. I have won the glorious battle with the under/top collar of this damned coat I've been working on for three weeks now. And last night, I won. I think I danced a bit. It was that much of a reason to celebrate. (Pictures to come as soon as the sleeves get attached.)

Watched "Alice" last night on the SyFy channel. ( I love how they finally folded and starting calling/spelling it SyFy with the rest of the world.) And I have to say, the bits that I actually caught (it was on in the background while I was sewing) were really visually stunning. I caught most of the storyline but I would really like to watch it again. If not for anything but to watch this man who, by the way, can have my babies every day of the week. It reminds me of when I found out there was a huge following of fangirls for Wolf from The Tenth Kingdom(Not as sparkly as some other fangirl worthy things, but still worthy enough). And now I realize that Scott Cohen is as old as my mom but I will continue to harbour my passion for the man. I can deal with Freud laughing and pointing in my direction.

David Bowie is how old now and girls still want to BE his pants?
Hollows - Minias' coffee order
12th-Dec-2009 02:56 pm - Is getting it again
Last night was fun. There was a family-ish Christmas party at Alex and Regina's. Lots of people there. Most I cared for, some not so much but I was civil where I needed to be. I always find I'm "that" friend. I'm nice enough, but piss me off and your dead to me. I'm not always angry, I'm mostly charmingly awkward and have no social filter. Does every group need one of these friends? Am I part of the recipe? Or am I like... walnuts. You don't really need them in a cookie dough recipe, but you can add them if you want. Unless you're allergic, then its all down hill from there. Swelling, hives, emergency room visits.....

I made cheesecake, I suppose its now becoming habit that I go to a party thats what I bring. I've done it several times now. Friends, family... I love how its cheap and easy though. Thats my favorite. The hour and half cooking and cooling process isn't my favorite though. I always seem to be staying up past 2am for my damned cheesecake.

The last week has been off. I'm not feeling entirely social and starting to feel a little introverted. I have to talk myself into going out. Obviously once I'm out I'm fine, there are moments of awkwardness on my own part, but sometimes I feel like the guy outside the fish bowl. Watching whats going on, keeping my opinion to myself and not being in the bowl with the other fish. It's an awkward sensation. Maybe its the rain and the winter gloom.

Was supposed to decorate for Christmas today but Darren and I slept in instead. We'll do it tomorrow morning. I didn't go an buy a bigger tree this year. I think we'll be ok with our five footer. I think I have the perfect box for is to go on top of. I just need to go to the Dollartree and Big Lots and buy color appropriate florals to replace the autumn color I have splashed around my living room. My living room feels cluttered. I think a spring cleaning in winter is upon me. Although everyone does say that if nothing my apartment is the homiest they've been in. I think I will be rearranging furniture tonight . .. Possibly.
Hollows - crap on toast
3rd-Dec-2009 08:40 pm - Wintery Blues are Blue
Everyone I've noticed around me is feeling a bit down at the moment. Except for my sister, who is 13 weeks pregnant at the moment. That's exciting. So besides her everyone is having slight issues. Darren and I have been trying desperately to hold on to the good things and not fall into a funk. He's been constantly worried about money, I've been constantly worried that he's worried and then worried about my own financial issues plus the fact that I can't help him. It's a never-ending circle of shit. Things will get better. This is my mantra.

I've been having some slight pain in the womanly area again. I found out that I have ovarian cysts. Not uncommon in women my age but still oh so slightly painful. And basically one of my ovaries is hating my right now, and is threatening to shut down completely. This worries me.

I went to Joann's the Saturday after Black Friday and found Black 100% wool for $10 a yard. That was nice. Now I have the fabric for Darren's coat. I've been working on that for a few days. It's... getting there. although the pockets are an issue. The cloth is getting too thick with all the layers and my sewing machine is not all about it. I also don't know how to adjust the foot so it'd further from the arm. I'm trying not to get too irritated about it. My jacket is close to being done. The lining is proving more difficult than I thought it would be. I will win though. I will be victorious.

Here's a kitten.

EI - Scurvy
12th-Nov-2009 12:57 pm - El Jay Sabattical
So I've been gone for about two months, although my reader base is somewhat miniscule so that hardly matters.

Mockingbird is done and over. I had to drop all my gen ed classes because of the show which is a bummer. Having no time to do homework or go to class will definitely put a damper on actually being able to pass said classes. That being said I'll most likely retake them next semester and keep with my choice of not doing any theatre in the spring. Or at least not stage manage anything. I have to get this AA out of the way. As soon as I do I can be hired on at FJC as their production manager. That's at least another year or so though. There's been another possibility of going to school out of the country. (Thanks Alex) Although I have not been able to look into many schools at length and will definitely lack the funds to fly there in the spring. Possibly the summer though with Darren.

I've been working on a coat. But the instructions are pissing me off. I've taken a few days off of it because I threw a tantrum at the sewing machine and had to walk away from it. I'm also supposed to be making one for Darren for Christmas but lack the funds to buy black wool. Guh.

I also need to buy a crapload of hangers. My clothes seem to have been procreating while I sleep. There's now just piles on my hope chest waiting to be hung.
The Rules - retarded movie chars
11th-Aug-2009 01:18 pm(no subject)
 My office is a place of crazy randomness and annoying persons unknown. Two women in my office drive me up the fucking wall. And there's only three of us. Hopefully soon one will be gone, but she's the saner of the two. 

Shakespeare by the sea is done and gone. Got my last check and I'm still sitting on it wondering what to do with it. Possibly two car payments, pay some people back for helping me get my car back last March. Pay so credit card payments. Or save it for first months rent on the house Darren and I are looking at. Ooorrr buy a new computer, because the one I have right now is being stupid. Maybe I'll just backup everything like whoa and wait for it to die. 

My South Beach Diet extravaganza is fizzling out. Which is very sad. I did it for two full weeks. Then ran out of money to buy food so resorted to subway. I'm disappointed in myself. I'll probably start up again once I get shit back on track. Or do a modified version of it. 

School starts next week. I'm stage managing Mocking Bird. :/ Orientation is Monday. I'm not really all that excited about it. It'll be an easy show because its a classical and the director is really laid back. But still. 
HIMYM - Swarley
So, I suppose this is Phase 1 Day 19. I haven't measured myself in a week. Haven't weighed myself either. Found out the scale at work was wrong. Totally threw my game. I fell off the saddle more than a few times. I think I'm idling at 178.... ish. Darren and I are joining 24hr here sometime soon, it'll be fun to go with him. Although I'm not looking forward to letting him really see how out of shape I am. Although it'll be something else we can do together, which is good.

I had a poached egg this morning for breakfast. A 6" tuna salad sandwich from Subway for lunch and the other 6" for dinner. Then an low fat, sugar free Slim-a-Bear, trademark Klondike, ice cream bar for dessert. Should have snacked between breakfast and lunch but I didn't. :/

Meanwhile. Shakespeare by the Sea only has two more weekends. I'm excited for that to be over.

I also need to see the new Harry Potter movie again. But finish reading the book.

Looked over my schedule for fall. I'm really really not looking forward to the next four months or so. But it'll be good for me. I need my damn degree.
Hollows - Minias' coffee order
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