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k_maedae's Journal

16 May 1988
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Do us a favor will you? And try to be original.

I am Kathleen Mae Meler. I have many faces and many names. My two most common are Kathleen and Mae. Kathleen for family and Riverside. Mae for work, school and Fullerton. I live on my own. I drive a pregnant rollerskate named Caractacus. I have a laptop name Xenophilius, Lappy 486 for short. I am a technical theatre major at Fullerton College. I am a stage manager. I work at Lowes and two real theatres. I dont know what I want to be when I grow up. But I do know I want to be a stage manager when I'm older.

I miss my family. I miss how slow Riverside is. I wish people didn't think I cut them out of my life. I think my two step parents are the two most level headed people I know. I miss three wonderful little women in Pennsylvania and I hate how I've missed out on their lives. It frustrates me when people assume things before talking to me. I love my stepfather with every fiber of my being. I think people should come to the people they have problems with and talk about it. I love how I've become closer to my sister. I never take my own advice.

I love how the moon makes me happy and calms my nerves. The gods help me be patient with myself. I love the dark. The sky amazes me. There is nothing like the wind in your hair or the smell of dirt right after it begins to rain. I prefer candlelight to electric. I hate that my life is so busy I cant make time for Ritual. And I'm sorry, but you can burn in your own hell. I'm quite happy right here, thanks just the same.

I hate collection agencies. I love the sound of fans. I hate those credit card offers in the mail. I enjoy finding money in my pockets and doors you can push open. I like breaking the top of creme bruele with a spoon. I like the feeling of grass between my toes. Playing with earlobes comforts me. I like the feeling of the skin on the inside of your arm. I dont like tv. I love to cuddle, yet hate admitting it. The little things in life make me happy.

Life moves too fast. I love being out on my own. I've found that bills come all at the same time and a week before your paycheck. Always. Talking about things can be good for you. I've realized I need people. I've realized I dont need other people.

I try to be a good person and I think I've grown up.... a little.